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Your Fitness Solution!

Total Fitness Solutions, LLC is a fitness studio specializing in corrective exercise.  All individualized, one-on-one training programs incorporate techniques to reduce your risk of injury while optimizing your results.  Detailed fitness assessments are conducted on a regular basis to ensure that the health and fitness needs of each individual are fully met.  Small group and aerobics classes are available as well.  Improve that golf or tennis swing, or increase your flexibility and stamina while walking, biking, or swimming. Call or stop in for details.  Whatever your activity you can be sure we are Your Fitness Solution!

Now Offering a Free Personal Assessment!


Post Therapy Rehabilitation

Body Fat Reduction

Athletic Performance

Core Strength

Improved Range of Motion

Free Personal Assessment

 To Determine What You Need To Get Healthier, Address Muscle Imbalances, Postural Distortions, And Become More Active! 

9666 East Riggs Road, Suite 145, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 Phone: (480) 225-9730

We Are A Proud Veteran Owned Company!

9666 E Riggs Rd, Suite 145, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248