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Total Fitness Solutions, LLC offers both In-Home and In-Studio personal training on an individualized and group basis with a focus on muscle imbalances that directly affect your strength, stability, and overall structure. To reach your body's full potential, these imbalances must be addressed on a regular basis through an individualized formula of exercises. We accomplish this through one-on-one training, corrective routines to address postural distortions, regular evaluations to monitor progress, and offer nutritional support to help with weight loss. There are no contracts to sign or required number of sessions to purchase. You select how many you want and we get you to your goals. So, stop in for a free assessment and let us show you how we can get you enjoying a better life. Whether you are left in "limbo" after physical therapy, need a push with your weight loss, or need to take your workout to a different level, we can help you get there. Increase your flexibility and range of motion with our unique and proven approach. We get results! Total Fitness Solutions, LLC is Your Fitness Solution! 

Free Personal Assessment

 To Determine What You Need To Get Healthier, Address Muscle Imbalances, Postural Distortions, And Become More Active! 

9666 East Riggs Road, Suite 145, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248 Phone: (480) 225-9730

We Are A Proud Veteran Owned Company!

9666 E Riggs Rd, Suite 145, Sun Lakes, AZ 85248